Some books are poems printed in a prosaic way. This book written by the Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera (1964 – 2005) is such a book. It is a long lasting poem. The war of independence and the war during independence are set in poetic ways, with poetic descriptions, so the characters and the events have … Continue reading THE STONE VIRGINS

8 books by female zimbabwean

I  could not mention eight books by Zimbabwean female authors. This list helps me in getting a wider scope. Familiar names, but also new names (to me). 

the 10 best african writers

One needs some courage to compile a list with the ten best African writers. Let us forget for the moment the proper definition of an “African Writer”.  The compiler of this list (professor John Masterton) did one easy step: he excluded Chinua Achebe. Maybe because everyone would have listed this Nigerian writer.