please don’t airbrush african teen fiction

You have written the story of your life. You submit the manuscript to the editor of a publishing house. Some time later you get a response.  Please change this. Please change that. Please erase that passage. Please add another paragraph there. What would be your response?  The Zambian writer Ellen Banda tells about this process.

rad women read

She shot to fame due to her story that was selected by the Caine Prize. Here you can listen to her reading another story. “Z is for Zora”. Her name is Namwali Serpell and she hails from Zambia, these days she lives and works in the United States of Diaspora, to be more precise UC … Continue reading rad women read

hogarth uk and us pre-empt world rights

The Cain Prize can be a start of something even bigger. Namwali Serpell won the 2015 Cain Prize and now she has landed a good book deal for her first novel. The title of this forthcoming novel is “The Old Drift”, a multinational book. But … you need to have some patience, the publication is … Continue reading hogarth uk and us pre-empt world rights

caine prize gets the sack

This is an interview with Lizzy Attree, the director of the Caine Prize. The interview is on the foreigness of the Prize. It is probably the most important prize on African Literature, but its seat is in London (United Kingdom). This can be an important issue, but the place a Prize has is the place … Continue reading caine prize gets the sack

when life is a competition

I remember the moment when I realized as a teacher that I not only had to grade the papers I had set for my monthly tests, but I also had to gather the results in other subjects and put all these grades together in a system so that in the end it would be clear … Continue reading when life is a competition