Zelda la Grange on typing up Mandela’s manuscript

These is still a flow of books on the first president of the post-apartheid South Africa. Nelso Mandela still rings true and his name is connected with a man who tried to build bridges and bring people together. He wrote books (with ghostwriters ?) and others wrote books on him and his political context. It … Continue reading Zelda la Grange on typing up Mandela’s manuscript

zelda la grange remembers mandela

Zelda Grange wrote a book on the man who was her employer. The man was more important than the assistant. She wrote her book on her boss Nelson Mandela. She was the white girl who came from a totally different background. And the two had a working relationship for many years. She talks about her … Continue reading zelda la grange remembers mandela

zelda la grange shares

Zelda la Grange was in close contact with Nelson Mandela for many years. Recently she published a book on her former employer. In this interview she shares some thought about the years with Nelson Mandela, the heritage of apartheid, and the way we look at South Africa now.