How many people have travelled from Cape to Cairo over the years? Some have become famous, some have stayed in the background. Some have travelled on foot, some used a pushbike, others used a car. Ton van der Lee has joined the long list of travellers. For the writer of this book Africa was not … Continue reading review DE AFRIKAANSE WEG

EXTRACT | Tsitsi Dangarembga’s This Mournable Body

Published last year, this latest fruit from Tsisti’s tree tells the story of Tambudzai (yes, the one from Nervous Conditions) who ends up in Harare. We follow her struggles to survive in this town. At every turn she has to look around carefully. Read this extract.

EXTRACT | Sue Nyathi’s The Gold Diggers

Refugees are from all times. People leave home, cross a border, settle in another place, build a new life. The Bulawayo-born writer Sue Nyathi moved to South Africa where she works in the world of figures. She still finds time to move to the world of words. In her latest novel The Gold Diggers she … Continue reading EXTRACT | Sue Nyathi’s The Gold Diggers

Indie Indigo seeks to bring ‘beautiful writing and necessary ideas’ to readers

She has left her footsteps all over the publishing world. Footsteps that cannot be denied. Footsteps that gave young and aspiring writers opportunities tho see books published. Her name is Ellah Wakatama Allfrey OBE. In this article you will get an insight into her achievements.

Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

Her article start with a generalization of African children raised in christian families. Then she moves to her personal situation. Let us not forget there is not a single story, not even among christians. Charisse Chikwir delves into her pentecostal background and her cultural heritage. She wants to revive and restore that Shona background and … Continue reading Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity