Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

Her article start with a generalization of African children raised in christian families. Then she moves to her personal situation. Let us not forget there is not a single story, not even among christians. Charisse Chikwir delves into her pentecostal background and her cultural heritage. She wants to revive and restore that Shona background and … Continue reading Why I’m reclaiming my spiritual identity

The 40-year-old “prophetic” novel

It seems he wrote his novel while living in a tent after he was kicked out of a prestigious university, based at Oxford. Dambudzo Marechera wrote The House of Hunger. It was published 40 years ago. The House of Hunger was built with open windows on the future. Hunger entered the country in the latter … Continue reading The 40-year-old “prophetic” novel

A rocky road to Zimbabwe

In this article the Zimbabwean writer Panashe Chigumadzi writes about the effects of the disappearance of the Robert Mugabe from the centre of power. He has been leading the country from the start of independence. Panashe takes the Zimbabwean ruins and her ancestors as founding elements of her country. But is this sufficient? 

The Indigo Press in the launch of their first book, These bones will rise again

The events are still new in our memories. The events in the country of Zimbabwe where uncle Bob had to to step down, forced by the military and rising displeasure by the people of this country. The recent decades in Zimbabwean history come to the fore in the novel These bones will rise. This book … Continue reading The Indigo Press in the launch of their first book, These bones will rise again

Literary affair in memory of poet Penny

Last year December the Zimbabwean writer and journalist and poet Brian T. Penny passed away as the result of a car accident. This caused a shock in the the literary fraternity in Zimbabwe. On the 21rst of April 2018 a meeting will be held in Mbare to share memories, to remember his work and to … Continue reading Literary affair in memory of poet Penny

‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire

It could have been a joyous occasion all through the event. Two wellknown writers launched their books. Always a cause for celebrations. But there were other sounds at the meetings. Grumbling about the attitude of booksellers in Zimbabwe. What do they do to enhance the sale of books, not only by these two writers, but … Continue reading ‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire