In this book by the journalist Richard Dowden there is a chapter on Congo / Zaire. Nice to compare it with the book on Congo by the Belgian writer David van Reybrouck. Dowden has a more topdown approach, the history of those in power and the encounters he had with the influential. Both write about … Continue reading review AFRICA: ALTERED STATES, ORDINARY MIRACLES

opening up worlds

Here it is. An interview with one of the leading publishers in Zimbabwe. Her name is Irene Staunton. She is one of the founding parents of the publishing house Weaver Press. In this interview she talks about her return to Zimbabwe after it gained independence and opening new world through and new ideas. 


This is the second book by Alexandra Fuller that I have read. Her first book was Don’t let’s go to the dogs tonight. This first book was an impressive account of her childhood in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the sruggle for freedom en the problems she encountered at home. In her second book on her life … Continue reading review SCRIBBLING THE CAT


Welke bijzonder mensen heeft het eerste deel van het koloniale tijdperk opgeleverd? Ewart Grogan was er één van. Stewart Gore-Browne was er ook zo één. De journaliste Christina Lamb heeft onderzoek gedaan naar het leven van deze Engelsman, die vele jaren van zijn leven doorbracht in Noord Rhodesië (het huidige Zambia). De eerste kennismaking van … Continue reading review THE AFRICA HOUSE