‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire

It could have been a joyous occasion all through the event. Two wellknown writers launched their books. Always a cause for celebrations. But there were other sounds at the meetings. Grumbling about the attitude of booksellers in Zimbabwe. What do they do to enhance the sale of books, not only by these two writers, but … Continue reading ‘Sloppy’ booksellers under fire

Zukiswa Wanner on the Burden of The African Passport & Her Thoughts on Self-Publishing

The Kenya-based writer Zukiswa Wanner is a multi-national writer, with roots and flowers in different African countries. She travels widely both within the continent and outside the continent. She now has published another book. In this article you will read more about her book and her travels and her passport.   

Hardly Working: A Travel Memoir of Sorts by Zukiswa Wanner

Zukiswa Wanner has roots: Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya. She fortified and strengthened her roots while travelling with her partner and son. This journey across borders and in time resulted in a book. Read more about this book here. 

We need our own Nobel and an academy

Here is another episode in the yearly journey towards the declaration of the winner of the Novel Prize for Literature. As far as I know four / five / six writers from the African continent have won. The changing number depends on wether you want to count Albert Camus (pied noir) and Doris Lessing as … Continue reading We need our own Nobel and an academy

No uhuru, yet, with a new passport for the citizens of Africa

There were days when you wanted to travel from one part of the continent to another it would be the most efficient way to travel via Europe. This situation has been improved very much, but still it is not that easy to cross borders between different countries in Africa. Reading travelbooks written by travellers in … Continue reading No uhuru, yet, with a new passport for the citizens of Africa