review ZULU-LAND

Lewis Grout has been a missionary for many years in the Zulu-region in South Africa. He was sent to this area by an American missionary organisation. He did much research into the lifestyle of the people he met, he published a grammar of the Zulu-language.  In this book he writes extensively about the life of … Continue reading review ZULU-LAND


For many, many months this book has been waiting for me. It was too thick to read it in one weekend. It is too deep to read in it once a while. The holidays brought relief. This book, and a few others, were put into a crate with reading material for our holidays on the … Continue reading review ZULU IDENTITIES


Recentelijk begon ik met het lezen van ‘Shembe, ancestors and Christ’, een studie naar de opvattingen van Shembe, een religieuse leider uit Zuid Afrika die in 1935 overleed. Hij heeft zijn aanhangers met name onder de Zulu. Het aantal aanhangers varieert in de schattingen van 2 miljoen tot 4 miljoen. De zoekvraag van de auteur … Continue reading review SHEMBE, ANCESTORS AND CHRIST