Aus Gleichgültigkeit einen Araber erschossen

Denis Scheck writes about classic books. This time ‘L’étranger’, written by the Algeria-born Albert Camus. A famous book that has been translated into many languages. Even another book was written by Kamel Daoud taking a lead from The Stranger. In this article in a German newspaper you will find his thoughts on this important book.

BY THE BOOK: Munira Hussein

The Kenyan writer Munira Hussein  hails from  the Marsabit, in the northern parts of Kenya. She has strong reading habits and likes to read as many books as possible. She also wants to encourage other youngsters to pick up reading habits. That is why she would like to establish libraries in the Marsabit area. Read … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Munira Hussein

Archival fever

She came back to Nigeria, she did research and decided to start a publishing firm in Nigeria with a continental impact. The name of the firm is Cassava Republic and her name is Bibi Bakare-Yusuf. In this speech she tells her story to an audience in Soweto at the third Abantu Book Festival. 

BY THE BOOK: Oltesh Thobias

This Oltesh is from Tanzania and he has risen to the position of writing a book. His favourite writer is Dale Carnegie. Do not expect much in the way of literature in his reading habits. Could we convince him to buy books a a local bookstore instead of global webmasters? In this article you will … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Oltesh Thobias