This is the beautiful story about the father of Nadifa Mohammed. She paints the early childhood of her father in Aden, where he lived with his mother. When has mother passed away he sets of in search of his father who went to the continent of Africa to find a job. He travels in his … Continue reading BLACK MAMBA BOY


A large  size book, maybe to reflect the size of the person described. I bought this book in a windy village at the coast, when sought shelter from the biting wind. This way we ended up in a bookshop. What better place to find shelter?! According to the subtitle this an authorised portrait. We follow … Continue reading MANDELA


Wat een enthousiasme kom je tegen in dit boek van Ralf en Mirjam! Ontwikkelingshulp staat onder toenemende druk. De PVV wil graag sterk bezuinigen op de de kosten van ontwikkelingshulp. Anderen twijfelen meer en meer aan het nut van geld dat gestoken wordt in veel landen en projecten. De beide schrijvers zijn zelf nauw betrokken … Continue reading HULP

lantern books: children’s publishing

Maybe the children are just a side-issue for publishers. Not so, for the Nigerian pharmacist Olayinka Lawal-Solarin. He started professional life as a pharmacist, even expanding his work as a pharmacist. But he branched of into publishing for children.  His Publishing House is named ‘Literamed Publications Nigeria Limited. The start was in 1969. Since then … Continue reading lantern books: children’s publishing

achebe rejects honour

Generally writers like to be honoured with a prize, preferrably a literary prize with a nice sum of prizemoney. Ofcourse all these writers are of the opinion that the honour can best take place by a wide and devoted readership. The Nigerian government awarded the author Chinua Achebe with an honour. But Achebe, who has … Continue reading achebe rejects honour