What a well written book! What a sad, sad book! Yvette relates in this book the life of Sila, a female slave in the southern parts of Africa. She uses legal documents from a courtvase in 1823. At this time slavery was very much part of daily life. The Boer lived in their own world … Continue reading UNCONFESSED


Bij het lezen dacht ik af en toe aan de Engelse schrijver Evelyn Waugh, met zijn verhalen over het Afrikaanse continent. Richard Osinga heeft een paar jaar in de diplomatieke dienst gewerkt in Algiers en Dakar. In zijn debuutroman beschrijft hij de belevenissen van Bor, een jonge diplomaat, in een Afrikaans land. Bor leeft geïsoleerd … Continue reading BOR IN AFRIKA


What a wonderful book about a wonderful woman! In this heavy volume Margareth McCord writes the life story of Katie Makanya from South Africa. Katie was born in 1873 on the Cape. In the end she finds her destination as a worker for the American medical missionary dr. McCord. She works as an interpreter and … Continue reading THE CALLING OF KATIE MAKANYA

south africa promotes reading

It is a good thing to promote reading. But in South Africa the issue of language pops up immediately. In what language will old people, young people, professionals, unemployed, fathers and mothers read? There are a number of official languages, so what will the position of all these languages in the reading-efforts?  Read more about … Continue reading south africa promotes reading