for whom is the african book?

The theme of what constitutes an African writer or even an African book is taken up by the Nigerian Emmanuel Iduma. He makes nice distinctions about who is the African writer. He makes three categories. I think these categories are debatable. But also the next step is debatable, for Iduma says that an African writer … Continue reading for whom is the african book?


Vanwege een jubileum van De Verre Naaste (DVN, zending en hulpverlening van de Gereformeerde Kerken vrijgemaakt) werd de schrijver / predikant Adrian Verbree uitgenodigd om een aantal weken in het oosten van Congo te verblijven. Daar kon hij uit eerste hand het werk van de Verre Naaste en de plaatselijke kerken aanschouwen. En schrijf er … Continue reading DE BRON VAN DE CONGO


The writer of this beautiful and heavy book did come to know Desmond Tutu from close corners. He was the director of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee. In the Anglican Church he was reponsible for the mediacontacts of the bisshop. This close approximity has its advantages, because in this way intimate knowledge of Tutu was … Continue reading RABBLE-ROUSER FOR PEACE


Nelson Mandela was able to make contact with people, where others failed. At the center of this book is rugby, 1995 and the World Championships in South Africa. Rugby is the sport of the whites and especially the Afrikaner.  This book describes the way in which Mandela managed to let other groups in the country … Continue reading PLAYING THE ENEMY