the tuner of silences

Mia Couto is a wellknown writer form Mozambique. He is new to me, but I am still learning about the literature produced by writers from Africa. There are two strands in this novel. One is about a the boy Mwanito and his brother and father who withdraw into the bush, the other strand is about … Continue reading the tuner of silences

the wretched of uhuru

The coming of independece did not come with uhuru (freedom) for every citizen. Some have mastered the art of grabbing. Others were forced to hone the art of surviving. Uptill this very day the results are visible in the landscape and in the slums and in the country clubs. Mwenda Mbatiah (a Swahili scholar) wrote … Continue reading the wretched of uhuru


Ha, een klassiek zendingsverhaal voor de jeugd! Twee jongens (uit Afrika) beleven een botsing met een medicijnman van de stam. Eén van de beide jongens heeft geschuild in een hut, een heiligdom dat door de medicijnman wordt gebruikt. Het gebied waar de jongens wonen grenst aan een rivier. Aan de andere oever van de rivier … Continue reading ODIKA

mzungu prizes

A literary prize can put a writer in the spotlight. His or her book, short story, poems gets the some neeeded and longed for attention and publicity. And let us not forget the prizemoney. One of the important prizes for African literature (do hnot ask me for a definition on that one) is the Caine … Continue reading mzungu prizes


Kruger Park is a very large wildlifepark in South Africa. The husband of Kobie Krüger gets a job as a ranger in this vast park. When he moves he is joined by his wife and children. They live in a remote corner of the park. They have to build a sturdy fence to keep the … Continue reading THE WILDERNESS FAMILY