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When I plan to write a haiku I take a piece of paper and a pencil. I sit down at our diningtable in our frontroom. There is normally plenty of daylight, when neeeded I switch on the articifial lights near the table.  At times a haiku is written, while in a car, walking in a … Continue reading where writers write


This is the third volume of the trilogy in which Corinne Hofmann describes her life that is so intertwined with Kenya. Fourteen years after she fled Kenya she is in a plane on her way to Kenya. This is her first journey to this country, after the turbulent times in her marriage with the Samburu-warrior … Continue reading WIEDERSEHEN IN BARSALOI

natalya din-kariuki on helen oyeyemi

I have come across the word “post-colonial” for a writer with roots in a former colony. The word was connected with Helen Oyeyemi. But the writer of this article Natalya Din – Kariuki (pre-colonial ? post-colonial? inter-colonial? post-imperial? post-Kikuyu?) does not know if Helen will agree with this label.  Will we call a British writer … Continue reading natalya din-kariuki on helen oyeyemi


This is the second volume in the trilogy written by Hofmann about her relationship with Kenya and Kenyans. The booktitle bravely mentions ‘Afrika’, but she returned from Kenya. In the first volume she relates her holiday at the Kenyan coast with her boyfriend from Switzerland. During her holidays she meets a warrior from the Samburu. … Continue reading ZURÜCK AUS AFRIKA


Frank Westerman onderzoekt zijn verhouding tot zijn omgeving. Is hij in staat om zich te verhouden tot mensen uit een geheel andere cultuur? Door zijn studie en werk komt hij in verschillende werelddelen, hij vertoeft in westelijk Afrika, hij studeert en onderzoekt op Jamaïca. Is hij in staat om in die andere werelden zich te … Continue reading EL NEGRO EN IK

beyond chinua achebe

Just a few days ago the famous Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe passed away. He was one of the giants of African literature, due to his own writings and due to the opportunity he gave to other writings as an editor with the African Writers Series.  But Achebe is not the only one. Others are around. … Continue reading beyond chinua achebe