Ellen is a flight steward and often flies to South Africa. Theree at the souther tip she meets Mik, who works in a gamepark. She falls in love with Mik and decides to leave her husband in The Netherlands. This is the beginning of a long distance relationship. Ellen turns out to be a lady … Continue reading review NOMADE UIT HET WESTEN


Stuart is in a garage in a small town in Algeria. Another chance for repairs for his beloved vehicle. Yes, one more. A friend asked him to pick up a Landrover in the Central African Republic (CAR). Why not? He is accompanied by a young woman, not his wife, for his wife stays in the … Continue reading review MALARIA DREAMS

ways of knowing

She travelled places in Europe, Africa, North America.  She studied languages from Africa, with Swahili (or KiSwahili ? ) on top of the list.  She started her writing in Sudan where she taught English language, it was her first draft of “A stranger in Olondria”. A few more drafts followed at different places. A publisher … Continue reading ways of knowing

nadifa mohamed in conversation

There is a Rift Valley in Africa. There is a Rift Valley Insitute in Africa. And this Institute (RVI) was present at a literary event orgrganised by Kwani Trust in Nairobi. On the agenda was a conversation (note: not an interview!) between the Somali born writer Nadifa Mohamed and Ella Allfrey, who has been in … Continue reading nadifa mohamed in conversation