Graywolf Press Africa Prize

The Nigerian author A. Igoni Barrett (see picture) is the jury, in connection with some people from the publishing house Graywolf Press. The project is set up for a first novel manuscript. The winner will get a publication and a bunch of dollar notes as an advance.  The publisher will make an effort to get … Continue reading Graywolf Press Africa Prize

Be careless with your wishes

Who is your worst bully? Who is the worst bully of a writer? Who is the worst bully of a Nigerian writer? Who is the worst bully of A. Igoni Barrett? To Barrett his worst bully is his own country: Nigeria. He recounts his struggle at university, his struggle to become a writer, to be … Continue reading Be careless with your wishes

reading african writers

It is time to set some money aside for the new books that will come on the market during the second half of this year. Some promising books by African writers (with a strong Nigerian contribution). Have a good look at some of the goodies. 

emerging voices 2015

Here is another longlists. This time it is the longlist for the FT / OppenheimerFunds Emerging Voices Awards. The world is divided in an emerging world and a non-emerging world. I assume that the last part of pour globe is a submerged world. This emerging world is divided again to make room for certain disciplines. Africa and … Continue reading emerging voices 2015

pen 2013: the ‘african writer’

It is a matter of identity, personal identity, literary identity. What is an African writer? One spells it with a capital ‘A’. Another one spells it with a capital ‘W’.  In April/May this year PEN brought together some writers from Africa to talk about this issue of identity. So many voices with differing ideas. The … Continue reading pen 2013: the ‘african writer’