A special opportunity to listen to literary legend Achmat Dangor

You have the chance to meet the South African writer at a session with tea and snacks. It will come in handy when you live in South Africa, and even better when you live in or near Birdhaven. Literary birds of all kinds of feathers will flock to listen to the master who will talk … Continue reading A special opportunity to listen to literary legend Achmat Dangor

Ten Quick Questions with Achmat Dangor

The last book written by him that I read was Bitter Fruit and I was impressed. The complications of life, the expectations, the threadbare relationships between people from different background. Achmat Dangor was mastering it all. In this very short interview he answers short questions in a short way. 


I just read another good book written by the author Achmat Dangor, who hails from South Africa (1948), but who has worked for many years in the Swiss town of Geneva. South Africa is still in his mind and in his heart. This book, about the bitter fruits of the independence after the years of … Continue reading BITTER FRUIT


Once a while I read a book and at the end (or past the end) I think: this book could do with a reread, once or twice or even more. This book, written by the South African author Achmat Sangor, is one of those books. To discover and rediscover the layers in this book, the … Continue reading KAFKA’S CURSE

2016 Sunday Times Literary Awards judges revealed

Literary prizes have books and authors, but let us not forget the judges. A proper judge is as much needed as a proper book. So here you find the names of the different prizes of the Sunday Times. One of the judges is the well known author Achmat Dangor. Read here the other names for … Continue reading 2016 Sunday Times Literary Awards judges revealed