The Algerian / French writer Albert Camus wrote a few classics and became an important voice in the literary world of the northern hemisphere. He was born in Mondovi (nowadays Dréan) in the northeastern corner of Algeria in the year 1913 in a pied-noir family. Shortly after the Second World War he published his La … Continue reading Review LA PESTE

Aus Gleichgültigkeit einen Araber erschossen

Denis Scheck writes about classic books. This time ‘L’étranger’, written by the Algeria-born Albert Camus. A famous book that has been translated into many languages. Even another book was written by Kamel Daoud taking a lead from The Stranger. In this article in a German newspaper you will find his thoughts on this important book.

‘I was nearly shot because I couldn’t speak my dad’s language’

Ben Okri has made a name for himself as writer, based in The United Kingdom, with his Nigerian roots. Now he is making a name for his adaptation of a famous novel by the French-Algerian writer Albert Camus. He turned the novel into a play. He wanted to stress the situation of the Arab with … Continue reading ‘I was nearly shot because I couldn’t speak my dad’s language’


In the year 1942 the writer Albert Camus (a pied noir from Algeria) published his book L’Étranger (The Stranger). The protagonist (‘I‘) in this novel is Meursault, also a pied noir in Algeria. This Meursault kills man, a man without a name. His only ‘name’ is Arab. In the year 2013 the writer Kamel Damoud … Continue reading MEURSAULT, CONTRE-ENQUÊTE

why should the colonist

It started with the writer and Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus. He was born in France and wrote many books. This is not all. Camus was born in Algeria, when this country was a French colony. In 1942 he published his “L’Étranger”, in this book the narrator Meursault kills an Arab.  The Algerian writer Kamel … Continue reading why should the colonist

insolence, exile , and the kingdom

Sometimes a book makes a slow start. It is published, but hardly anyone notices the book. Maybe it is due to the publishing house, due to the publicity, or lack of it, due to a perceived obscurity of the place and/or the writer.  Then a larger publishing house takes over and the book is gathering … Continue reading insolence, exile , and the kingdom