Alexander McCall Smith | ‘You have to know the places you’re writing about’

Just over twenty years ago he published his first story on that famous Ladies’Detective Agency. Now volume 21 is on its way. The series have brought success to the writer. He now has retired from the medical profession, but he has not retired from writing.  In this article Alexander McCall Smith will tell you more. 

mccall smith: the secret thrill

He is the creator of the unforgettable Mme Marotswe, the founder of the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Botswana. This lady, traditionally built, solves mysteries, cures pain, and brings people together. Alexander McCall Smith is the creator and he wrote a number of books on this detective agency. He wrote other books as well. He … Continue reading mccall smith: the secret thrill

the gentleman behind the gentle crime

His books are about crime and very enjoyable. The books are about crime, but most of all they are about the first female private detective, Mma Precious Ramotswe, in Botswana. She is the woman who is traditionally built and who is called upon to solve all kinds of mysteries, often man-made. Here you find an interview … Continue reading the gentleman behind the gentle crime

southern african crime fiction

Could there be a relationship between declining crime and rising crime-writing? That would be very nice, because crime-writing in southern Africa is on the rise. Not just in southern Africa do the writers find readers, but they have a worldwide audience.  Here you find a general view of the rising crime. 

mma ramotswe number 15

I have some of his books on my shelves and I have enjoyed very much his books on the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency in Botswana. Alexander spent part of his life in Southern Africa and he now resides in Edinburgh.  Number 15 of his series on the Detictive Agency is the latest one and now you … Continue reading mma ramotswe number 15

alexander mccall smith and chimamanda

The Gulf States have a recent habit of hosting serious events. In the field of sports important events are held, eventhough these countries have hardly a tradition of the sports they  host in their Emirates. And we will prepare for soccermatches in Qatar. Booklovers and bookwriters will fly to Dubai in early March next year … Continue reading alexander mccall smith and chimamanda