Fairy tales on the frontlines

Alexandra Fuller (born in Britain) has written some hard hitting books on her younger years in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). She wrote about her parents who moved from one place to another and from one country to another, about her experiences during the war in Rhodesia leading to independence. Here she talks about important books in her … Continue reading Fairy tales on the frontlines

out of africa, into loneliness

She left the places she loved and the people she loved to move to the United States of America. Over there, the disunity started to creep into her marriage. She had met her husband in Zambia, but they had decided to dislocate to the Sttates. Three children came and a sense loneliness. Alexandra Fuller writes … Continue reading out of africa, into loneliness

for me, writing is really an agony

When I reach the letter ‘F’ on my bookshelves I encounter three books by Alexandra Fuller. She has written about her younger days and her parents who have lived for many years in several African countries. They moved from Kenya, to Zimbabwe, to Zambia. In her books Alexandra follows in the footsteps of her parents … Continue reading for me, writing is really an agony

that old lady is really

Alexandra Fuller has written some good books on the history of her immediate ancestors, mainly her parents. She is also very much present herself in these books. The books are situated in the African countries where she and her parents lived (Kenya, Rhodesia, Malawi, Zambia). All the time being uprooted and trying to make a … Continue reading that old lady is really


This is the third book by Alexandra Fuller that I have read. In this books she describes the the river of life of both her parents, especially her mother’s life. Alexandra’s journey takes us to Sotland, to the Isle of Skye, where the ancestors of Alexandra’s mother, Nicola, come from. The journey proceeds to Kenya … Continue reading review UNDER THE TREE OF FORGETFULNESS


This is the second book by Alexandra Fuller that I have read. Her first book was Don’t let’s go to the dogs tonight. This first book was an impressive account of her childhood in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the sruggle for freedom en the problems she encountered at home. In her second book on her life … Continue reading review SCRIBBLING THE CAT