Memories of Prof Mazrui, the passionate intellectual

Ali Mazrui from a coastal background in Kenya, was one of the formost intellectual powerhouses form Africa. He started his career a s a clerk in an office of an overseas company in Mombasa. In later life he became a professor at several universities in Africa and abroad. He was a prolific writer on political … Continue reading Memories of Prof Mazrui, the passionate intellectual

the origin of my beef with ali mazrui

What is the role of art in modern times? For some art is detached from the mundane activities of man. For others art is a tool for advancing ideologies or advancing welfare and justice. Philip Ochieng has his ideas about it and he puts these ideas in the context of the writings of two fellow … Continue reading the origin of my beef with ali mazrui

mazrui’s story over the years

The late Ali Mazrui was a prolific writer. He wrote on history and politics, he wrote a novel.  He also wrote a pamphlet titled “When Spain expelled Jews”. The expulsion of the Jews by the Spaniards took place a few centuries ago. Mazrui handed out his signed pamphlet in 1972, when he was teaching at … Continue reading mazrui’s story over the years

mazrui’s culture of intellectual tolerance

Throughout the years Mazrui met many students, on the African continent and on other continents. For a number of years he taught at the  (then) famous Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. One of his students at that university was Okello Oculi. He has written down some of his memories of his professor. 

tribute to prof ali mazrui

In this newspaper article from the Kenyan Daily ‘The Star’ we find more than just a few dates and places connected to the life of Mazrui. The writer explores some of the ideas Mazrui had concerning Africa, ideas concerning imported ideologies that were in vogue in the 60s and 70s of the previous century and … Continue reading tribute to prof ali mazrui