Let us go to the small town of Gost, set in the small country of Croatia. This town and its dwindling population have weathered the civil war raging Yugoslavia or what is left of it. Many people have lost their life or have moved to the coast where tourism is on its way back. The … Continue reading review THE HIRED MAN

‘My own books make me cry as I write – it’s pathetic’

There is a book she has underrated. It is book written by the Nigerian author Helon Habila. The book  was published in 2002. This comment was made by the Sierra Leonian Scottish writer Aminatta Forna. She made this comment and other comments about books in her life in this interview. 

Does trauma define the person?

The writer Aminatta Forna has recently published her novel ‘Happiness’ and when you follow this link you get get access to a recording in which she reads an excerpt form her book. In this book living with a trauma gets attention. Is it possible to leave behind a trauma or will it be part of … Continue reading Does trauma define the person?

Meet the writers: Aminatta Forna

This is a nice interview with the BBC, in the series Meet the Writers. The Scottish / Sierra Leonan writer Aminatta telles about her life, her parents, her writing and a few other things. Normally we read the words of writers, now you have the opportunity to hear the words of this writer. Take your … Continue reading Meet the writers: Aminatta Forna

In Conversation with Hisham Matar

The followers of this blog who live in Washington (The United States of America) will have the opportunity to meet the writer Hisham Matar who will talk about his latest book, concerning the disappearance of his father, a Libyan. The meeting will be moderated by the British writer Aminatta Forna, she will have a moderating … Continue reading In Conversation with Hisham Matar

finalists announced for

The finalists, those on the shortlist, for the 2016 Neustadt International Prize for Literature have been announced by World Literature Today (University of Oklahoma, United States of America). This Neustadt Prize is a very prestigious prize given in the United States. Nine writers from a vast diversity have been nominated. One of them is Aminatta Forna, … Continue reading finalists announced for