Antjie Krog

She is a voice to be reckoned with in the the world of South Africa and even beyond the borders of the southern state. Her first collection of poems was published when she was 18 years young. She still is writing. In this interview she talks about the immediate world that surrounds her writing: like … Continue reading Antjie Krog

Antjie Krog bekroon met Hertzogprys

The South African writer and poet Antjie Krog has received an important prize in South Africa. The Council of the South African Academy for Science and Arts has decided to give Antjie Krog the Hertzogprize for her work. The prize is for those who contributed in an important way in the fields of science, technology … Continue reading Antjie Krog bekroon met Hertzogprys

12 key moments from 2015: the biggest books news of the year

South Africa’s Bookslive has selected 12 key moments out of all the many literary moments in the world of literary moments of the literary Africanity.

2015 south african literary awards

During the weekend that recently slipped through our fingers an announcement was made concerning the 2015 South African Literary Awards. The first time these awards were handed out was in 2005. This year two writers received a Lifetime Achievement Literary Award (LALA). When you move to this article you will out the names of these … Continue reading 2015 south african literary awards

kamphoer wen prosaprys

There is no end to literary prizes. People are waiting for the final results of the Man Booker Prize, but let us not forget other prizes. In Cape Town the AKTV prizes have been announced. Prosewinner is Francois Smith. Poetry winner is Antjie Krog. And other winners you wil find here.