This is what visitors to South Africa said in the 1950’s : Ah, but your land is beautiful. The South African writer Alan Paton (1903 – 1988) wrote this sentence in his book several times. Yes, a beautiful land, but what about the politics and the rule of law and the mutual understandings? In the … Continue reading review AH, BUT YOUR LAND IS BEAUTIFUL


A boxing glove hit my stomach at full speed. It left me with a sick feeling and a painful head. The glove came with a name and the hand in it came with a name. ‘A dry white season’ and ‘André Brink’. The South African writer Brink passed away in 2015 when he was on … Continue reading Review A DRY WHITE SEASON

Hugh Lewin obituary

The South African writer and activist Hugh Lewin has passed away. His life was closely connected with the struggle against apartheid. Her spent years in prison, went into exile into the United Kingdom and later Zimbabwe. In the end he returned to his native South Africa. In this obituary you will find more about his … Continue reading Hugh Lewin obituary

RIP Hugh Lewin (1939 – January 16 2019)

His life spanned many decades of political upheaval within and outside South Africa. He wrote books, was a journalist, trained journalists and he was active to oppose the forces of apartheid in South Africa. Now Hugh Lewin has passed away. In this article you will read about his life struggling for justice.     

‘Our poverty comes from racism, and racism locks out talent’

He is active in the world of mining. But on the side he mines words and puts them in a proper order. His name is Clinton Chauke and his book is titled Born in Chains: The Diary of an Angry ‘Born-Free’. In this interview you will hear more about this book and what he has mined.

Incorruptible | Pictures of the book launch and radio interview

Last month the book Incorruptible was launched in The Netherlands. In this book the journalist Evelien (or Evelyn) Groenink shows the results of her investigation into the deaths of Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and Chris Hani.  In this article you will find some pictures of the launch and a link to an interview with the … Continue reading Incorruptible | Pictures of the book launch and radio interview