Wars produce stories. Stories of death and disaster. Stories of lives torn apart. Stories of people who were changed for the remaining part of their lives. The civil war in Sierra Leone produced stories. One of these is the story of Ismael Beah. He for the first time encountered the civil war when he was … Continue reading review A LONG WAY GONE


The Dutchman Gerben Potman studied Tropical Forestry at the Wageningen University when he did his internship in Senegal. He was stationed in the village Borama (about 2000 inhabitants) in the eastern parts of this West African country. Another student Juliëtte stayed there as well. During the time he spent there (June till November 1988) he … Continue reading review EENZAAM IN SENEGAL


It was many years ago I visited Maiduguri and on a seperate occasion I visited Daniel and Kathleen who worked in Gwoza. We had a strenuous (for me) hike in the hills trying to reach a place from which we could see neighbouring Cameroons. This all came to my mind while reading this book on … Continue reading review DIE HÖLLE VON INNEN:


How many books I have seen that tell the story of a mother (or a father) in an intercultural or interreligious marriage that is left without the children after a breakup of the marriage? I do not know.  This book is one of those stories about love and children and a breakup. It is set … Continue reading review AUCH OHNE MEINE KINDER

Listen: Tracy Going discusses Brutal Legacy with Eusebius McKaiser

The famous South African broadcaster Tracy Going has published a book on her life and her relationship. Earlier I have paid attention to the publication of this book. Now you can listen here to an interview with Tracy Going. 

Book launch | Marianne Thamms’ De Ondraaglijke Blankheid van het Bestaan

The days of apartheid is still a source of writing. One of the latest in the long long line is the South African writer and journalist Marianne Thamm, who has taken a deep and long look at her own background.  Her father was a German, with a nazi background. Her mother hailed from Portugal and … Continue reading Book launch | Marianne Thamms’ De Ondraaglijke Blankheid van het Bestaan