review URU

In the year 1960 Congo became an independent country. Later on the name was changed to Zaïre, and even later changed back (or forward) to Congo and so on. In this novel the political and colonial situation of the last years before independence are interwoven with the personal story of a Dutch couple. The man … Continue reading review URU


Reading travelstories is usually a pleasant passtime. In this book Colenso relates his visit to Natal, South Africa, in the year 1855. Shortly before that he was made the new bisschop of Natal.   In his diary he tells of the people he meets, his travels, churchservices. He visits Englishmen and Boer. He travels on … Continue reading review TEN WEEKS IN NATAL

review PUUR GOUD

I should have put this book aside and tell myself to take some distance and reflect on what I had read uptill now. To say to myself: Later this week I will continue reading this book. But I did not, I could not. I had started and the writer dragged me along, page after page, … Continue reading review PUUR GOUD


This book is a collection of stories by the Flemish writer Lieve Joris. Most of her time she spends on the road or in The Netherlands. Some of these stories have been published before in magazines. Lieve takes us to Mali, where she introduces us to Binda who manages a telephonebooth, who he has named … Continue reading review MIJN AFRIKAANSE TELEFOONCEL