ons is nie almal

What is the future of the Afrikaner language in South Africa? The Afrikaner language is one of the many official language in the country. In this language many works of literature have been written. The study of the language and the literature of Afrikaner (and the related language Dutch) language is being studied at universities, … Continue reading ons is nie almal

pen afrikaans gesprek

There is this big question: what is the impact of the writer who uses the language Afrikaner? Will there still be an impact in South Africa? Did this literary language florish during the days of apartheid when the rulers were confronted in thier own language. You can listen to a discussion on this topic, when … Continue reading pen afrikaans gesprek

van die os op die jas

Breyten Breytenbach is an artist, writer, painter, who has his roots in South Africa. For many years he lives in France.  Here follows a text that he used at a session during two day long meetings at the University of Gent (Belgium) with the theme: ‘Language and its silences”.  

kom kuier saam in die tuin van digters

Let us take a stroll in the garden of poets. That is the invitation you receive for the two days of 13 and 14 September. You have to travel to South Africa or just be there already. You set your navigation to Wellington, to be more precise the Breytenbach Sentrum. Poems will be on display … Continue reading kom kuier saam in die tuin van digters