does writing in african languages

The Ugandan writer Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire takes up the issue of language and literature and Africa. Does African literature has to be written in an indigenous language? Just skip all the languages that did not originate on the African Continent (English, French, Portugese, Afrikaner, Arabic, German, maybe I have left out a few)? We can … Continue reading does writing in african languages

the cain is about the story

The recently made public shortlist for the Cain Prize 2015 has caused some concern. To some people this list is a sign that not all is well. Why? Because some of the names on the list haven been on previous lists as well. So what is the problem with that?  First of all I do … Continue reading the cain is about the story

ours is a global platform

Once upon a time there was a National Short Story Day. The country in which it happened was the United Kingdom. One lady, by the name of Rachel Zadok, decided it was a good idea to bring this product abroad. At first she proclaimed her message in the southern bits of the African continent, but … Continue reading ours is a global platform

parrésia’s richard ali

East meets west. The Ugandan Bwesigye talks with the man at the helm of Parrésia, the Nigerian Publishing House, Richard Ali.  They talk about making waves and moving oceans (imagine: an Ugandan talking about oceans) and the important books that have been published. 

we are more than a feminist

We go back into time, we reach the year 1995. In this year FEMRITE was started by a few women in Uganda. This organisation is still going strong. We move back to our days for an interview with Hilda Twongyeirwe, the present coordinator of FEMRITE.

all for a thousand literary

I tend to put a questionmark when a person is announced as “there is no better person to speak about ” and then follows a topic. It may be true, it may be a gimmick of a salesman. Let the words of the person speak, without setting the highest standard available.  Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire interviewed … Continue reading all for a thousand literary