made in africa : seven publishers

There has been an impressive upsurge in African Literature. At times I think that the congratulations of a European and North American readership is the highest pinnacle for African writers. Once you make it in the United States you really have made it. Is this true? How does it affect the writing of African authors? … Continue reading made in africa : seven publishers

mastering my father-tongue

It seems to me that the issue of identity is a topic that is important in moderrn African Literature. It is a question about roots and about globalism. It is a matter of language, colonial and local. It is a matter of cultural diversity and unity. Yewande Omotoso (with her multi-national roots) talks about this … Continue reading mastering my father-tongue

jennifer makumbi: a literary market

She made the headlines with the publication of her ‘Kintu”. Now she talks about publishing in Uganda, Kenya and some other places. Local publishing has not been something writers looked forward to, they preferred a publication in the faraway north. Read some of the ideas that Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi expressed in this interview.

stop whining and start doing something

The title is the advice of Abubakar Adam Ibrahim as a parting shot at his interview, done by Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire. No complaning, but start writing, start publishing, start reading. He talks about the small number of publishing houses who try to make an impact on the continent. It is of no use complaining about … Continue reading stop whining and start doing something

everything i produce is african

In the merry month of June Kampala, Uganda, was brimming with writers and hangers-on, who attended The Writivism Festival. One of the participants was NoViolet Bulawayo.  The Ugandan promoter of literature Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire took some time to talk to Bulawayo and you find some of the main topics of this converstation here.