aid is killing african literature

In the field of economics the dependence on foreign aid can stiffle own production. It can stiffle an attitude of selfreliance. Just open your hands and someone else will fill it. Just open your mouth and someone else will put the spoon in. Just open your bankaccount and someone will send you money. But what … Continue reading aid is killing african literature

has kenya joined the club of african giants ?

I have been thinking of adding a new category, titled ‘Cain Prize’. A large number of articles have been published in recent weeks about this Prize. Longlist articles. Shortlist articles. Winner articles. Looser articles. Review articles. Grand vision articles. The Ugandan writer Bewsigye bwa Mwesigire has added his voice. What kind of article is this, … Continue reading has kenya joined the club of african giants ?

the cain prize for diaspora writing ?

The Cain Prize 2014 has been won by the Kenyan writer Okwiri Oduor, who is ‘based in Nairobi’. The last three words I found in the article I refer to here. Does she live and work in nairobi? Or is Nairobi the city where she comes back to when she has been somewhere else, e.g. … Continue reading the cain prize for diaspora writing ?

we need to create awareness

I started this weblog writing about the books I read. Books from Africa. Books about Africa. All these books I have on my shelves. It is just a personal glimpse into my book life. Once being on the blogroad, I referred to other articles as well. Articles on African writers and African literary events. Just … Continue reading we need to create awareness