Every established writer has made his first steps on the literary scene.His first publication.His first review.With this book we go back into time. To the beginnings of the Nigerian writer Helon Habila (1967). In 2001 he won the Caine Prize for African Literature with the short story ‘Love Poems’, in which he describes the life … Continue reading review WAITING FOR AN ANGEL

caine prize gets the sack

This is an interview with Lizzy Attree, the director of the Caine Prize. The interview is on the foreigness of the Prize. It is probably the most important prize on African Literature, but its seat is in London (United Kingdom). This can be an important issue, but the place a Prize has is the place … Continue reading caine prize gets the sack

when life is a competition

I remember the moment when I realized as a teacher that I not only had to grade the papers I had set for my monthly tests, but I also had to gather the results in other subjects and put all these grades together in a system so that in the end it would be clear … Continue reading when life is a competition

talking afronauts and nabakov

Namwali Serpell, form Zambia, works in the United States. Her story The Sack has been awarded the 2015 Caine Prize for African Literature. She decided to divide the prize money among those on the shortlist.  Here is an interview, including interesting news on an Zambian space program.