This is the second book by Parker Bilal (pen name of Jamal Mahjoub) in his series about the private detective Makama. This man escaped from his native Sudan, worked as a policeman and now is a private detective in Cairo, where is considered an outsider. He lives on his own on a houseboat. His wife … Continue reading Review DOGSTAR RISING


The journey from Cape Town to Cairo has intrigued many travellers. One did it on foot, another travels by public transport, some tried to plan a railroad between these towns. Duncan has decided to undertake the journey on his pushbike. During two stretches in two years he rides the epic journey. In 1986 and 1987 … Continue reading FROM CAPE TO CAIRO


Het lijkt mooi: reizen maken en daar over schrijven. Lieve Joris heeft haar beroep er van gemaakt. Maar dit ging niet zonder vallen en opstaan. Zoals in die ene kamer in Cairo toen zij probeerde Arabisch te studeren. Zij stortte zich op die taal in de hoop dat daardoor een nieuwe wereld zich aan haar … Continue reading EEN KAMER IN CAIRO