The top West African diaspora authors you must read

According to this article this is the top in writing with its origin in West Africa. All these writers are no longer living in West Africa but have moved, some at a young age, to other pastures.  Many are now living in the United States of America. The majority of the writers mentioned has Nigerian … Continue reading The top West African diaspora authors you must read

The 2017 ACT Award results

Next month the final result will be out. Just have some patient with the people who make the decision. The longlist had been made known. Now the shortlist follows and next month will the shortest list announced. Be patient, read a book and wait for the news. Do not make a noise, Chika Unighwe is … Continue reading The 2017 ACT Award results

Awele Creative Trust announces Act Award 2017 shortlist

Another opportunity for young and aspiring writers (BTW is every writer an aspiring writer?). Chika Unigwe the Nigerian writer and organizer and stimulator is the woman behind the ACT Award. In this article you will find more information about the prize and the names on the shortlist. 


Stories abound. People tell stories when they sip tea. When they meet friends in the streets. When they talk with their children at nighttime. Stories float in the air, walk over soily paths, hide in the innermost being op people. Chika Unigwe has decided to write down one of these stories that she met. A … Continue reading Bethlehem

When trepidation hones the imagination into literary gems

Chika Unigwe is a well known writer, who hails from Nigeria, but who lives in Belgium. She has been appointed a member of the jury of the 2017 Man Booker Prize. She is a prolific writer in her own right.  Here you will find a recent interview with this writer, touching on literature and the … Continue reading When trepidation hones the imagination into literary gems

nigeria has a new government

The country Nigeria (in West Africa) has voted for a new president. The man is Buhari. Now he has formed a new government. What are his plans? What has happened with the jihadist movement Boko Haram? Has this former general taken any proper and effective steps to put down this organization?  Chika Unigwe has a … Continue reading nigeria has a new government