review SANGAYA

Malawi is a country with a rich history in the field of church and mission. One of the people who have played in role in both church and mission is Sangaya, to whom this little book has been devoted.  Jonathan Sangaya had a long history with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. During the many … Continue reading review SANGAYA


The writer of this book, Andrew C. Ross, worked for about seven years in Malawi, after this periode (1958 – 1965) he was deported from this small landlocked country by the regime of Hastings Banda. Ross worked for one of the churches in the country.   Ross (1931 – 2008) had an extensive knowledge of the … Continue reading review BLANTYRE MISSION AND THE MAKING OF MODERN MALAWI


The first edition of this book was published in December 1898. The second edition followed in February 1899. I have a very good copy of the second edition. So over 120 years this book was published. It seems that both the first and second edition each had 2000 copies. Who wrote this book? On the … Continue reading review LIFE OF BISHOP SMYTHIES

Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives

In the decade of the eighties of last century he was a household name in many circles in Kenya. He lectured at the university of Nairobi, his field was philosophy but his qualities went beyond this academic field. He wrote many books, in the context of Kenyan life. Some of these books were academic, others … Continue reading Five years later, legacy of great academic, priest Donders lives

Review of YAMBUKU

Yambuku. Days may have passed that you did not travel to Yambuku. A small place in a hidden corner of the immense country of Congo or Zaïre. There is a small settlement of missionaries from Belgium. They started their work in 1935 and the settlement has grown since. Nuns came from Belgium and settled there … Continue reading Review of YAMBUKU


Just last week I read the news that rev. Menes Abdul Noor has passed away on the 14th of this month. He had reached the age of 85 tears. Recently I read a book on his life, written by Naiim Atef. Since 1976 rev. Noor headed what is now the largest protestant church in the … Continue reading Review A PASTOR FROM EGYPT