David du Plessis was a South African who rose to fame within Pentecostal churchcircles. He was one of the driving forces behind the improving relationships between churches worldwide (mainly World Council of Churches) and the fast growing pentecostal movement.  He was born in 1905  near Cape Town. His parents joined the movement that was started … Continue reading A MAN CALLED MR. PENTECOST

sermon that sent gitari into hiding

Those were the days when a sermon at church could be dangerous in Kenya, during the days of former president Daniël arap Moi. He himself sat in church every Sunday, but sermons should not interfere with his day-to-day politics. His government did not like that. I wonder if he read the prophets in the Bible … Continue reading sermon that sent gitari into hiding

endangered archives in ethiopia

The posts in this blog are mainly devoted to new books, new magazines, new interviews, new writers, new publications.  BUT let us not forget about the old. And when I write old in this post I am not writing about old in the sense of a few years, not even a few decades, but in … Continue reading endangered archives in ethiopia

J F Ade Ajayi obituary

I have only one of his books on my shelves. A book surrounded by other books on Nigerian history, or to be more to the point: Nigerian Churchhistory.    It was published in 1965 and I bought it 22 years later on the other side of the continent. He wrote about “Christian Missions in Nigeria … Continue reading J F Ade Ajayi obituary


In the year 1972 the writer Cothrai Gogan arrived in Kenya as a missionary for the Holy Ghost Mission. He came at a time that the Vatican called the Mission to withdraw from its work in Kenya and hand over more and more responsibility to the local clergy and the diocese of Nairobi. In this … Continue reading HOLY GHOST MISSION IN KENYA


As the subtitle says Choga grows up in a harem in Nigeria. The first years she lives in Lagos, the main city of Nigeria, where the main center of the harem is located. Her father is the leader of a religious community called ‘the family of the black Jesus’.   Her mother Lisa is a … Continue reading HINTER GOLDENEN GITTERN