The South African writer Dale Matthee (1938 – 2005) lived in George, near the Outeniquamountains. Also in the vincinity is Knysna with its lagune and the (former) forest, where in the olden days many elephants lived.  This forest near Knysna has become very important for the literary work of Matthee. This book has become the … Continue reading KRINGE IN ‘N BOS


She passed away over 12 years ago. Her name is Dalene Matthee and she was born in 1938 and she died in 2005. Her language of writing was the Afrikaner language, but her books have been translated in many other languages. From origin she was a musician, she worked in the field of teaching music, … Continue reading BRUG VAN DIE ESELS


This book by the late South African writer has been washed up upon the shores of my plot and reached a place at my shelves, far away from the raging sea and the turbulence of identity. Matthee relates the story of Moses Swart who was found as a very young boy at the bay when … Continue reading DIE UITGESPOELDES

books for charity

It just happened last Saturday. A church around the corner had announced a secondhandbooksale for charity. I wonder who the charity is? Is it me? In this way I can buy books for a low price. But maybe also others benefit from the sale. For the sum of €15 I managed to buy me a … Continue reading books for charity