writivism in chain story

The first writer starts the story, the second writer picks up this story and continues, not only the imagination of the first writer but also his or her own imagination, then the third one picks up where the second one left of. This is what happened at the recently held Writivism Festival in Kampala. Dami Ajayi … Continue reading writivism in chain story

how piles of rejectionslips

I try to imagine what happened.  The extended family is called together. The members express their needs and longings. One need is mentioned by several distinguished members of the family. They need a medical doctor in the family. This is discussed by all and sundry and the extended family finally decides: we need a medical … Continue reading how piles of rejectionslips

writehouse to publish dami ajayi’s

One of the literary voices that is coming from Nigeria is the voice of Dami Ajayi. In many magazines he has published his articles. And he dabbled a bit in poetry as well.  Now the publishing house WriteHouse Collective has signed a contract with him to publish his manuscript Clinical Blues. The writer is clinical, … Continue reading writehouse to publish dami ajayi’s