Ahmed Suk Suk

Many stories can be told about the situation in Sudan, the split between north and south, the atrocities, daily life. David L. Lukudu wrote a story that won the second prize in a competition that led to the book ‘I know two Sudans’.   David hails from Sudan, moved to Uganda and Kenya, now he … Continue reading Ahmed Suk Suk

i write to expel my fears

Stories are told by writers in Sudan and South Sudan. Stories to pass on to a younger generation. Stories to expel fear, as one of the writers said. Read about these storytellers. 

just a slip of the tongue

South Sudan gained its independence, but peace has not yet arrived in this new state. There is still a lot of strife, that is putting a strain on the country and peace for its citizens. David L. Lukudu comes from South Sudan. For many years he lived in other countries, he studied medicine, did training … Continue reading just a slip of the tongue