what to read before heading to Ethiopia ?

Any plans to travel to Ethiopia one of these days? Or do you live in Ethiopia and you need an bookish introduction to this mountainous country with its rich history? In this article three books are presented for those who are heading to Ethiopia. One book has been written by a dead and famous Polish … Continue reading what to read before heading to Ethiopia ?

Returning to Ethiopia

When he was very young Dinaw Mengestu heard his father tell bedside stories. Stories he did not immediately connect with Ethiopia. He was young and living in exile in the United States. Later on he heard less stories, but it was clear his father was still very much connected to Ethiopia and the developments in … Continue reading Returning to Ethiopia

get inspired with one’s

A magazine prepares for a summer edition. One of the editors, present at the brainstorm session, says: Let’s make a list of books to read during the summer. Let’s make it with an African touch. And this what this magazine did.  Forget that summer is not present everywhere, some people in the very South think … Continue reading get inspired with one’s

best novel and fiction books

The Telegraph, a British newspaper, has made a list of the books (published in 2014) you must read. Lists like these are debatable, but still, it could give a nod to go to your nearest bookshop and buy / order the book. Three of these books have an African connection:  Teju Cole – Everyday is … Continue reading best novel and fiction books

eat, drink and be literary

I do not know how the eating and the drinking and the literary have been divided during the programme. It is clear that the last installment was the literary part. The speaker was Dinaw Mengestu, the Ethiopia-born writer. He read from his last book and he talked about it while people were eating and drinking … Continue reading eat, drink and be literary