nigerian writers review african

The diaspora is hot. Political leaders try to woo their countrymen who have left for greener pastures to come back or at least invest in their motherland and fatherland. For some countries the money that is being repatriated is a substantial part of the national income.  Writers have left the African continent and settled at … Continue reading nigerian writers review african

dinaw mengestu nominated

There is another prize to be given. This time is it the Folio Prize. I had not heard about it. I do not know what Folio refers to, maybe it is the size of the prize. Some African rooted writers were put on the list of nominated writers.  Have a closer look. 

100 notable books of 2014

The year is not over yet, but all around me I see booklists on 2014. The best coockery books. The best historical novels. The best ‘you name it’.  The New York Times collected notable books, hundred of them. I ran through the names and titles and I discovered some African roots. Just run through the … Continue reading 100 notable books of 2014

wir müssen uns alle neu erfinden

At the International Bookfestival in Berlin, recently held, writers from different parts of the globe gathered and spoke and discussed and some were even interviewed.  Four writers were intervieuwed about the changing perspectives in our world. What are the thoughts of these writers on the future? One of the writers is de Ethiopian-born Dinaw Mengestu. … Continue reading wir müssen uns alle neu erfinden

writing about home, away from home

There are books that tell you about the life of an African who has wandered into the wider world and encounters all kinds of helping and unhelping attitudes. He or she becomes conscious of his or her background, feels at home or not at home in this new world, that is mostly the western world.  … Continue reading writing about home, away from home

these are the african writers

Writers from the African continent are on the rise. Young names are mentioned and their books are read. This is a good development. But what will be next? One good book, and when will the second good one be published? That is an intriguing question.  Read more about these young writers.