BY THE BOOK: Elnathan John

His name has been settled, but one can never be sure untill the end. He changes names and formerlies. His name at the moment is Elnathan John and he hails from Nigeria. He works on a book set in the northeast of Nigeria, and in the 19th century, a few years before he was born. … Continue reading BY THE BOOK: Elnathan John

Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Berlin, the lively town with a rich history in Germany, will be a center of African literature in the month of April. On the 28th day of this month several writers from the African continent will come together with spectators and participants to talk about the presence of the past. Read more about it here. … Continue reading Die Vergangenheit ist gegenwärtig

Histoire d’un livre. Donner une voix au nord du Nigeria

The Nigerian writer Elnathan John wrote a book on a streetboy, living in the northern areas of Nigeria. In the north east of Nigeria the terroristic organisaztion Boko Haram is still present and causing death and destruction.  Now his book has been translated into French, opening a wide new readership, in Africa, Europe and Canada. … Continue reading Histoire d’un livre. Donner une voix au nord du Nigeria

at elnathan john’s book party

The writer of this article was present at the launch of the latest book by Elnathan John. The title of the book is ‘Born on a Tuesday’, and the name of the publisher is ‘Cassava Republic’. I assume there was lots of cassave to eat during and after the party. Have a closer look at … Continue reading at elnathan john’s book party