An Ivoirian writer takes on genital excision: An interview with Fatou Keïta

Fatou Keïta is a writer from Ivory Coast or better Côte d’Ivoire. She has written many books for children and some two novels geared at an older audience. One of these novels talks about the issue of FGM, an issue that is close to the heart of the writer. In this interview she talked about … Continue reading An Ivoirian writer takes on genital excision: An interview with Fatou Keïta


In her third books Waris relates her battle against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). She finds out to her great dismay that even in several European countries FGM is being applied. Sometimes it is being done by a traditional female circumciser, sometimes by a medical doctor, some parents go with their children to their country of origin, … Continue reading review SCHMERZENSKINDER


The second book by model Waris Dirie is all about her first journey to Somalia, since she left her country as a young girl to work as a housemaid for her uncle who was the ambassador in London. Quite a few times Waris mentions what she already wrote in her first book. In this way … Continue reading review DESERT DAWN


The international model Waris Dirie grew up as a nomadic girl in Somalia. When her father wants to give her away in marriage to a much older man she decides to run away from home. She is thirteen years young at that time. But this is not the most traumatic episode in her life. On … Continue reading review DESERT FLOWER

review AMAN

What a smashing book! In this book Aman tells about her life. Aman is not her real name, it means ‘true’, truthfull’, so what she writes is true. This is the way her young life has been. She tells the story of her life to the writer Lee Barnes, who passed away just before the … Continue reading review AMAN


Another book from the Horn of Africa. An area with a fascinating history and a rich literary tradition, a mainly oral tradition. Nura (= light) is born into a family that gets a prosperous position in Mogadishu. Her stepfather is a bussinnesman, but also her mother does very well in trading. One of the commodities … Continue reading review TRÄNEN IM SAND