Why we must change how we teach literature

Students flock to university in order to get a degree and in the end, after finishing the studies,  a proper job in which they can use the skills and the knowledge they gained during their studies. But what about teaching literature at our universities? This writer wonders if we need a thorough change at our … Continue reading Why we must change how we teach literature

weep not, child, a commentary

How many articles have been written on this famous book by the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o (or was it James Ngugi in those days of publication in 1964)? Here is another one, looking at it from the perspective of masculinity and fatherhood. The writer of this article is Godwin Siundu.

young writers have to ‘eat’ peacecully

For writers it is important to reflect on the social and political issues in their books. For some in the past it was the colonial legacy. For others it is a global view on local issues. How many Kenyan writers doe wite about the burning issue of ‘land’. Every Kenyan citizen would like to own … Continue reading young writers have to ‘eat’ peacecully