The Swedish writer Hennning Mankell (1948 – 2015) has left an extensive oeuvre. One ofg his most characters he created was Inspector Kurt Wallander who managed to solve many riddles connected with crimes in Sweden. Mankell not only wrote about Sweden, but he wrote as well about what he encountered in several African countries. He … Continue reading review LEOPARDENS ÖGA


Henning Mankell is a famous writer with Swedish origins. Many years he spent in Mozambique and other countries. He is a writer and also of man of the theatre.  In this little book he tells about the scourge of Aids. He visits some people in Uganda who work with a small booklet to write down … Continue reading Review JAG DOR, MEN MINNET LEVER

krebs ist der schatten, der auf uns allen liegt

His life is a bridge between Sweden and Mozambique. He was born and raised in Sweden and that northern country is one of the places he lives in. The other place is in the far south: Mozambique. Many days he has spent time building a life in theater for Mozambiquan people. He has written books … Continue reading krebs ist der schatten, der auf uns allen liegt


This is an intuiging book by Henning Mankell, who is not only involved in solving crimes, but also in the African country of Mozambique. He writes childre’s books and plays. In this book he approaches life from a different angle again. Father Raul has landed in Mozambique to tell the people about the man who … Continue reading review BERÄTTELSE PA TIDENS STRAND


The writer is wellknown for his Wallander-books, that have been turned into popular tv-series. But Wallander is not the only arrow on his bow. He is involved in theaterwork and children’s books and Mozambique. A large part of the year he lives in that African country. So it is no accident that Africa turns up … Continue reading review ELDENS HEMLIGHET