In the year 2006 Hisham Matar published his debut novel In the country of men. This writer was born in New York (United States of America) when his father was a diplomat for the Libyan government. In later years he grew up in Tripoli and in Cairo. These last two cities feature in this novel. … Continue reading review IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN

International literature is hugely underrated, while English books are often overrated

The title of this article is an interesting one. Many readers are familiar with books written by British and North American writers. But what about books in Hungarian or Japanese or Arabic or Swahili or isiZulu? Do writers who use English as their first language in writing have an advantage? Hisham Matar talks about this … Continue reading International literature is hugely underrated, while English books are often overrated

Dankesrede von Hisham Matar

It was not an easy thing to stage resistance against the Nazi regime in Germany. But two siblings did make an attempt, brother and sister Scholl with Die Weisse Rose. Their efforts ended in death. About 25 years ago a literary prize was established carrying their names. This years winner is Hisham Matar, for the … Continue reading Dankesrede von Hisham Matar

In Conversation with Hisham Matar

The followers of this blog who live in Washington (The United States of America) will have the opportunity to meet the writer Hisham Matar who will talk about his latest book, concerning the disappearance of his father, a Libyan. The meeting will be moderated by the British writer Aminatta Forna, she will have a moderating … Continue reading In Conversation with Hisham Matar

If I wake up at an early hour

What is your idea about the work of a writer? Not the product at the end of a long process, but his day to day work. Will the writer wake up early and sit at the desk, after a frugal breakfast? Will the writer reach his goal of two thousand words a day? Or 50 … Continue reading If I wake up at an early hour