kenyan scholar dies

The first book by him I bought in Nigeria. A Kenyan wrote about a situation in Nigeria. The civil war. Christopher Okigbo.  Biafra. The task of a writer. I remember that I found it to be a very difficult book. Now that I have re-read the covernotes on the African Writers Series (97) edition, I … Continue reading kenyan scholar dies

tony leon discusses mandela

Tony Leon has been a polician in South Africa for many years. He was the head of the Democratic Alliance. In this position he had contact met Nelson Mandela. In his book Opposite Mandela he writes about the first president after the dismantling of the apartheidsystem. In this video he talks about Mandela, politics, South … Continue reading tony leon discusses mandela


The writer hails from Sierra Leone and had a career in journalism in several countries. In this book about the Ghanaian politican Nkrumah he wants to write about Kwame’s life and his achievements. Kwame was born in 1909, his father is a goldsmith and his mother a petty trader. He has a Roman Catholic background, … Continue reading review KWAME NKRUMAH

lessons for national healing

Twenty years ago apartheid was officially abolished, but it takes a long time to get rid of the vestiges of that system. It takes time as well to have a new system. Paper is patient. But how does everyday look like in a new constellation? This month two years ago in one day 24 striking … Continue reading lessons for national healing

the half-truths biographers tell

Many books on famous people have been published. Africa has received its share of these books. You can find books that read like hagiographies, you will find out how wonderful the main character of the book is. He has become a saint. The facts written down have been carefully selected to portray a good picture. … Continue reading the half-truths biographers tell