happy valley

For those of you who a bit about Kenya the words “Happy Valley” do ring a bell. These words bring us back to the colonial days between two world wars. The heady days of colonialism where the rich and mighty had much to spend, where drugs and extra-marital relations and murder (?) were present. In … Continue reading happy valley


About 2 1/2  years ago I wrote on this blog a small note in Dutch on a fabulous book on Congo, written by a Flemish author, David van Reybrouck. I enjoyed the book very much, even though part of it is a very sad story indeed.  The author was able to write in a very … Continue reading CONGO


Dust, the tragic story of a nation of terrible secret violence It is Kenya’s turn at the sepia-toned festival of champagne memories and official nostalgia that passes for the ritual marking of half a century of flag Independence. There is much to celebrate and we can expect to hear it all at the grand fete … Continue reading dust


The writer of this beautiful and heavy book did come to know Desmond Tutu from close corners. He was the director of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee. In the Anglican Church he was reponsible for the mediacontacts of the bisshop. This close approximity has its advantages, because in this way intimate knowledge of Tutu was … Continue reading review RABBLE-ROUSER FOR PEACE


Reading travelstories is usually a pleasant passtime. In this book Colenso relates his visit to Natal, South Africa, in the year 1855. Shortly before that he was made the new bisschop of Natal.   In his diary he tells of the people he meets, his travels, churchservices. He visits Englishmen and Boer. He travels on … Continue reading review TEN WEEKS IN NATAL