What kind of novel is this book by the late South African writer André Brink? Is it a historical novel? Is it a psychological novel? Is it a thriller? Is it a political statement? Is it ….? This beautiful novel can be read in many ways. You can peel off layer after layer. You may … Continue reading review AN INSTANT IN THE WIND


Should I have remembered the name ‘Cupido Kakkerlak’ or ‘Cupido Cockroach’? I now know I came across his name several times when I read a book written by Ido Enklaar on the Dutch scholar and missionary Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp (1747-1811). In The Netherlands he founded a missionary society and he himself, after having … Continue reading review PRAYING MANTIS


Two Dutch journalists, Arnold Karskens and Henk Willem Smits, focus in this book on the Dutch businessman Guus Kouwenhoven (or mr. Gus). What is so special about this man that two journalist have followed this man over a period of many years, have delved into archives, have talked with the man himself and many others?  … Continue reading Review OPERATIE LAAT NIETS IN LEVEN

Eritrean novelist Haji Jaber: On writing the stories of the Falasha Jews

Jews have been dispersed over the globe. Sometimes by force, sometimes by necessity, sometimes looking for greener pastures. Due to this diaspora you will find Jews all over the globe. The airlifting of Ethiopian Jews to Israel got much media exposure.  The Eritrean writer Haji Jaber has researched a group of Jews in his recent … Continue reading Eritrean novelist Haji Jaber: On writing the stories of the Falasha Jews

Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

The Kenyan writer Kui Kitonga looked back into history to find role models for children. She delved into the times of the attempt to gain independence from the colonial masters in Kenya. The days of the Mau Mau were filled by men. Were women absent? In her research Kui discovered female warriors. Now she has … Continue reading Role of women in Mau Mau has been ignored

African history for kids

Many books have been written about African history. From all different perspectives. Written by Africans, written by westerners. Put together in institutions of higher learning in London or Paris. A new perspective has been added to this flow of books. The South African historian Nomalanga Mkhize  has written a book on Africa’s history for children. … Continue reading African history for kids