The top West African diaspora authors you must read

According to this article this is the top in writing with its origin in West Africa. All these writers are no longer living in West Africa but have moved, some at a young age, to other pastures.  Many are now living in the United States of America. The majority of the writers mentioned has Nigerian … Continue reading The top West African diaspora authors you must read

Imbolo Mbue on the Importance

The topic of the life of an immigrant is still very much alive. How many writers who have left one place to move to another place have written down their experiences, their hopes, their struggles. Not just those of the writer, but also giving voice to the experience of others.  Imbolo Mbue hails from the … Continue reading Imbolo Mbue on the Importance

Against Accessibility

Tope Folarin, an American with Nigerian roots, is not only a writer, but also a reader of novels from the continent Africa. In this article he writes about works by Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda and Imbolo Mbue. Do these writers relate (look at the first sentence of the debut of Chimamanda)?