Several books on my shelves tell the stories of women from northern Africa and the Horn of Africa. Stories of women raised in countries in which the islam reigns supreme. Stories of oppre4ssion in in a religious way but also in a cultural way. At times these two influences are hard to distinguish. Is the … Continue reading review LE VOILE DE LA PEUR


In the days of Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Shabaab and explosions and suicide attacks I read this book by the Algerian author Yasmina Khadra. The book is set in a small village in the countryside during the heady days of the islamistic movement FIS and its military wing.  We get to know the … Continue reading LES AGNEAUX DU SEIGNEUR

8 books about muslim life

The comments by the presidential candidate in the United States of America has caused a stir, not just within the borders of this country, but it has its reverberations around the globe. Mr. Trump not only notices the effect in his businessdeals, but also in an attempt to block him from the United Kingdom (in … Continue reading 8 books about muslim life

zp dala on being attacked

Earlier this year the South African writer Z. P. Dala was attacked after she spoke at a literary meeting. She had expressed admiration for the work of Salman Rushdie. Some people did not like that. The attack was not the end, but a start of harassments, threats, challenges and rumours. Now Z.P. Dala speaks out … Continue reading zp dala on being attacked

Review FATWA

At the end of her biographical book, Jacky Trevane (not her real name) gives two reasons for writing her book. One is: to get to terms with the events in her life that she describes in her book. The second reason: a warning to romantic souls.  She was a romantic soul. This British lady travels … Continue reading Review FATWA