An Ivoirian writer takes on genital excision: An interview with Fatou Keïta

Fatou Keïta is a writer from Ivory Coast or better Côte d’Ivoire. She has written many books for children and some two novels geared at an older audience. One of these novels talks about the issue of FGM, an issue that is close to the heart of the writer. In this interview she talked about … Continue reading An Ivoirian writer takes on genital excision: An interview with Fatou Keïta

Literary activism in Côte d’Ivoire:

Language is a continuing problem in the African literary world. In what language to write, publish, read? Do I make use of the languages that harbour colonial vestiges? Do I focus on a local language?  In this article four colonial languages are being mentioned: French, Spanish, English and Portuguese. But could I add also the … Continue reading Literary activism in Côte d’Ivoire:

Abidjan Lit : comment cinq activistes ivoiriens veulent

Abidjan has a Collective, a group of 5 people of the Abidjan Lit. 5 people who want to pay attention to literature and stir up things. This Collective (mind the major C) has a digital following of about 50000 people. Read more about this digital collective in this article.  

j’aime l’afrique dans son intégralité

Sophie Vaubourgoin is an educationalist by training and profession. Many years she spent in the West African country Ivory Coast. She now has written a novel Mémoire blanche d’Afrique noire. The novel is published locally. And ofcourse the question arises: is this an autobiographical novel or is it a novel that cannot be seen apart form … Continue reading j’aime l’afrique dans son intégralité

far from my father

She travels to Ivory Coast. Back to her roots. Back to her father who has just passed away. She enters the zone between past en present, between traditional and modern, between individualistic and communal. The writer Véronique Tadjo works at present in South Africa, but she is from Ivory Coast. In the magazine WARSCAPES an … Continue reading far from my father


Do you remenber? Your preparations for a holiday or a long journey? What to take? What to leave behind? In this book we follow a Dutch family on their journey from The Netherlands to the Ivory Coast. They (husband, wife, three children) travel by a well prepared Landrover. They have prepared their journey to the … Continue reading review MAM, WAAR LIGT TIMBOEKTOE?