parker bilal and me

This is an article written by the Sudanese/English writer Jamal Mahjoub. He writes about his relationship with the crime-writer Parker Bilal, who launched a series of detective-stories, featuring a Sudanese detective working in Egypt. I have not yet read any of these books, but what I have read about them: these books seem to be … Continue reading parker bilal and me

jamal mahjoub interview:

It is difficult, if not impossible, to pin him down to one country. This is not due to his two names (Jamal Mahjoub and Parker Bilal) but partly due to his parents and his longing for travel. He has written a series of books on a detective of Sudan who works in Egypt. This is … Continue reading jamal mahjoub interview:

how jamal mahjoub’s life of crime

The writer Jamal Mahjoub has entered a double life. Using his own name he has written a number of good books. Now he uses also another name, a penname, Parker Bilal. I do not know he uses a parker to write. This Parker Bilal has created a private investigator in Cairo, Egypt. Makana is the … Continue reading how jamal mahjoub’s life of crime

my wife says parker bilal is much nicer

As a writer he has a double identity, he uses two names for his writings. One name is Jamal Mahjoub, the other one is Parker Bilal. He uses the names for differert types of books. He has a mixed British-Sudanese background and has lived at many places, one country he has put his roots in … Continue reading my wife says parker bilal is much nicer